Boomi: Financial Services Solutions

Srive digital transformation for financial services
with the expertise of a UK Boomi Partner.

Dell Boomi Integration for Financial Services
Dell Boomi Financial Services Integration

Future-Proof Financial Services Integration

Connect all your financial applications and data with Influential Software and Boomi.

✔ Transform Experiences

Power personalised marketing, cross-product sales, and exceptional customer service with 360-degree customer data.

✔ Connect Systems

Improve speed and compliance without affecting your mission-critical IT investments. Boomi lets you connect legacy systems to modern applications.

Compete Faster

Maintain customer satisfaction and react quickly to industry changes such as open banking, PSD2, blockchain, and AI.

Protect Data

Support your governance, risk, and compliance initiatives with Boomi’s agile data quality and governance framework.

✔ Accelerate M&A

Cut the cost, time, and complexity of onboarding new entities after mergers and acquisitions while gaining future-proof flexibility.

✔ Survive Disruption

Respond to business challenges such as technology-first fintech startups who are affecting the financial services market.

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Digital Solutions for Financial Services

Boomi is a modular platform designed to solve challenges across your financial services business.

Become a more transparent, data-driven organisation with efficient and customer-centric operations.

Dell Boomi Integrate


Integrate is the core of Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

✔ build simple and complex integrations with unrivalled speed
✔ meet high-volume needs in real-time mobile, batch (ETL), and EDI environments
✔ unlock your data silos for agile and pervasive integration

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Alongside the central Integrate element, Boomi Platform supports four optional additions: Hub, Exchange, Mediate, and Flow.

Dell Boomi Hub


✔ unified MDM for trusted data
✔ make timely business decisions

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Dell Boomi Exchange


✔ integrate with your B2B network
✔ rapidly onboard trading partners

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Dell Boomi Mediate


✔ design, secure and scale APIs
✔ create composite applications

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Dell Boomi Flow


✔ build engaging user experiences
✔ low-code app development tools

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Open Banking Solutions with Boomi

To compete in Open Banking, you’ll need to rapidly integrate data, deliver innovative services, and onboard new partners.

Boomi’s integration platform has concrete benefits for companies wanting to enter this competitive market.


With a flexible layer provided by Boomi Integrate, you can preserve core investments while embracing modern technology.

That empowers you to deliver a superior customer experience and build a connected business for Open Banking.

Master Data:

Open Banking means more transactions passing through multiple organisations.

Boomi Hub helps ensure validated, consistent data across all your applications.


Boomi Mediate lets you collect transaction histories from accounts at multiple institutions, enabling unforeseen innovation. Use Boomi’s API management tool to provide account holders with a speedy one-click experience.

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UK Boomi Service Partner

As a Boomi Advanced Implementation Partner, our service experts have the skills and experience to streamline your project.

  • receive tailored consultancy for the best return on Boomi
  • gain a clear strategy for your specific requirements
  • accelerate your transition with industry-specific packages
  • draw on best practices and avoid implementation pitfalls

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Dell Boomi Partner Services for Finance and Banking - Influential Software

Our Clients

UK businesses achieve integration faster with our Boomi services.

Influential Software - Enterprise Integration Experts

Influential Software:

Business Integration Experts

From 1993 to today, Influential Software has a proven record of putting the customer’s value first. Our strength as integration experts lies in two things: our ability to attract the best technical talent, and the unparalleled experience we’ve gained over the years. By combining our strengths with software from the world’s leading vendors, we ensure the best result for UK businesses.

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