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Dell Boomi Flow - Workflow Automation and Application Development

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Boomi Flow

Boomi Flow Features:

Simplified Flow Solutions

Transform business processes with Influential Software and Boomi Flow.

✔ Remove Manual Complexity

Streamline business processes while involving people wherever they are needed.

✔ Accelerate Implementation

Build and deploy mobile applications or embedded workflows with no need for extensive coding.

✔ Satisfy All Users

Boost process adoption by providing easy-to-use forms that adapt to any device.

Drive Collaboration

Allow people, teams, and departments to engage through enterprise collaboration tools.

✔ Reduce IT Strain

Empower business users to craft and modify processes with minimal developer involvement.

✔ Drive Innovation

Collect data from physical objects for correlation with business data to drive new initiatives.

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Full Lifecycle Workflow Applications

Boomi Flow covers the entire lifecycle of your bespoke workflow applications.

Dell Boomi Flow - Draw


Build your workflow applications using drag-and-drop online editing tools.

Dell Boomi Flow - Publish


Package all elements of the application and manage version control.

Dell Boomi Flow - Engage


Distribute the application to run in the cloud or any device, platform, or channel.

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Scalable Workflow Management: Flow Subscriptions

Boomi Flow is available in two subscription models: usage-based and user-based.

It’s easy to change subscriptions as your needs develop.


Dell Boomi Flow - Enterprise Starter

Enterprise Starter

5 flows – 2,500 launches per month

Dell Boomi Flow - Enterprise Bronze

Enterprise Bronze

8 flows – 4,000 launches per month

Dell Boomi Flow - Enterprise Silver

Enterprise Silver

15 flows – 7,500 launches per month

Dell Boomi Flow - Enterprise Gold

Enterprise Gold

Unlimited flows & launches per month


Dell Boomi Flow - Occasional


40 users – 5 flows – 100 launches per user per month

Dell Boomi Flow - Essential


16 users – 50 flows – 500 launches per user per month

Dell Boomi Flow - Continual


9 users – unlimited flows – 1,000 launches per user per month

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Beyond Integration: Boomi Platform Elements

Alongside the central Integration element, Boomi Platform supports five optional additions: Hub, Exchange, Mediate, and Flow.

Master Data Hub logo

Master Data Hub

✔ unified MDM for trusted data
✔ enforce quality standards

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Boomi Integration


✔ build integrations at top speed
✔ unlock silos for agile integration

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Dell Boomi Mediate

API Management

✔ design, secure and scale APIs
✔ create composite applications

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Boomi B2B EDI Management

B2B/EDI Management

✔ integrate with your B2B network
✔ EDI and web service protocols

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Boomi Data Catalog

Data Catalog & Preparation

✔ design, secure and scale APIs
✔ create composite applications

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Our Clients

UK businesses achieve integration faster with our Dell Boomi services.

Influential Software - Enterprise Integration Experts

Influential Software:

Business Integration Experts

From 1993 to today, Influential Software has a proven record of putting the customer’s value first. Our strength as integration experts lies in two things: our ability to attract the best technical talent, and the unparalleled experience we’ve gained over the years. By combining our strengths with software from the world’s leading vendors, we ensure the best result for UK businesses.

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