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Learn how Boomi supports the Public Sector that people deserve.

  • Modernised systems
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced experience for staff and citizens
Dell Boomi Integration for Financial Services
Dell Boomi Financial Services Integration

Future-Proof Public Sector Modernisation

Bring your local authority or public sector organisation into the modern day with the help of Influential Software and Boomi.

✔ Transform Experiences

Power personalised marketing, cross-product sales, and exceptional customer service with 360-degree customer data.

✔ Connect Systems

Improve speed and compliance without affecting your mission-critical IT investments. Boomi lets you connect legacy systems to modern applications.

Compete Faster

Maintain customer satisfaction and react quickly to industry changes such as open banking, PSD2, blockchain, and AI.

Protect Data

Support your governance, risk, and compliance initiatives with Boomi’s agile data quality and governance framework.

✔ Accelerate M&A

Cut the cost, time, and complexity of onboarding new entities after mergers and acquisitions while gaining future-proof flexibility.

✔ Survive Disruption

Respond to business challenges such as technology-first fintech startups who are affecting the financial services market.

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Public Sector and Digital Transformation

Until now, public sector organisations relied heavily on legacy, in-person services to keep their local community engaged. The pandemic accelerated the already urgent need to modernise and transform digitally as agencies rethink how to operate and protect their business assets.

The tool of choice for governing bodies

For years, Boomi has had a relationship with government agencies, helping them keep up with the changing times.

Trusted by governments and local authorities across the globe, Boomi enables the modernisation of legacy IT systems at a lower cost and with less complexity than custom coding or middleware.

Boomi doesn’t take an expert to manage

Boomi builds on integration with capabilities for data catalog and preparation, master data, workflow automation, API management, and more, in a low-code environment that doesn’t need an expert to manage – it’s a big plus for public sector organisations with resource limitations.

The Boomi Benefits for Public Sector


Accelerates IT modernisation

Legacy systems can finally be sped up via cloud adoption. Boosting operational efficiency at a lower cost.

Improve citizen experience

Exceed citizen expectations and simplify interactions with seamless digital experience that can be rolled out on any device, anywhere.

Enhanced data security

With Boomi you can stay in front of GDPR and other data privacy regulations by identifying and securing vulnerable data.

Collaboration not competition

Automate processes across all departments to drive efficiency and bring all data into one centralised space.

Our Clients

UK businesses achieve integration faster with our Boomi services.

UK Boomi Service Partner

As a Boomi Advanced Partner, our service experts have the skills and experience to streamline your project.
  • Protect – prepare, master, and protect data across your landscape
  • Engage – drive citizen and employee engagement with digital services
  • Data catalog and preparation – discover unsecured, unused, or unknown data
  • Integration – connect disparate legacy system in any environment
  • Flow – automate any business workflows and build applications
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Dell Boomi Partner Services for Finance and Banking - Influential Software
Influential Software - Enterprise Integration Experts

Influential Software:

Business Integration Experts

From 1993 to today, Influential Software has a proven record of putting the customer’s value first.

Our strength as integration experts lies in two things: our ability to attract the best technical talent, and the unparalleled experience we’ve gained over the years.

By combining our strengths with software from the world’s leading vendors, we ensure the best result for UK businesses.

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