Best-Value Dell Boomi Licences UK

Find Dell Boomi Editions for Your Business

Dell Boomi Subscription Packages

Influential Software delivers Dell Boomi licences with a simple monthly fee.

In addition, our team can provide customised solutions at a flexible rate. Dell Boomi editions exist for businesses of varying sizes and needs:

  • Base Edition: starter solution for SMBs to integrate two applications.
  • Professional Edition: for businesses looking to fully integrate their back- and front-offices.
  • Pro Plus Edition: additional functionality to support real-time integration needs.
  • Enterprise Edition: advanced features to support complex enterprise needs.
  • Enterprise Plus Edition: advanced features and connectivity to support large enterprise needs

Customisable Dell Boomi Licensing

Besides any additional features you request, all of our Dell Boomi products include the following:

  • Connect hybrid or cloud data: Connections between on-premise and cloud apps or data sources
  • Visual designer
  • Comprehensive data transformation
  • Basic workflow
  • Access to the entire connector network
  • Unlimited users
  • Boomi Suggest: uses the collective intel of the Boomi community to perform quick data mapping
  • Boomi Assure: a regression testing framework that ensures pre-testing and support in future
  • Boomi Resolve: provides error resolution from the Boomi community knowledge base Free upgrades: 11 per year

Influential Software + Dell Boomi UK Cloud Integration Licences & Services

Influential Software - Dell Boomi Advanced Partner | ImplementationThe biggest names in software and the most respected clients in the UK have come to Influential Software for tailored, timely, and cost-effective solutions. From digital transformation to business intelligence, consultancy to training, our teams are experts in their fields.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Influential Software has the expert knowledge to deliver outstanding results.

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