Boomi Application Connectors: Connect Everything

Applications Supported by Boomi Application Connectors:

Dell Boomi customers have connected to 1500+ unique APIs.

Connect your business with a combination of application connectors and technology connectors.
Contact us to see if we support the connectors you need – Dell Boomi, Partners and Customers are building new connectors every day!

Example connectors include:

Dell Boomi Integrate Connectors - SalesforceDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - NetSuiteDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - WorkdayDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - BullHornDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Microsoft Azure Blob StorageDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Amazon S3Dell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Amazon SQSDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Amazon SNSDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - EpicorDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - SuccessFactorsDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Sage 50Dell Boomi Integrate Connectors - MarketoDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - SAP AribaDell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Example Boomi Application Connector: Salesforce Integration

Dell Boomi Integrate Connectors - Salesforce | Boomi Application Connectors

Boomi for Salesforce integration | Boomi Application Connectors

Build a truly connected business by integrating Salesforce with anything

Boomi AtomSphere® enables Salesforce® users to reduce errors and minimize IT spending.

Realise the goal of having a fully integrated and synchronized customer information across businesses processes.

Whether connecting Salesforce to other SaaS or on-premises applications, AtomSphere is the centralized platform to deliver enterprise-grade integration, with all the benefits you would expect from a cloud-based solution.

To achieve the best possible experience for your customers each time they interact with your company, it is critical that information from all customer-facing activities be fully integrated. Manual business processes are time-consuming, error-prone and often the result of disconnected systems with duplicated customer information that is not easily shared and updated.

Get Connected with Boomi Application Connectors

Boomi Salesforce Connector: Automate Business Processes in Real Time

Dell Boomi Salesforce Connector: Automate business processes in real-time between | Boomi Application Connectors

  • Salesforce and other applications
  • Migrate customer data from legacy
  • CRM systems in batch or one-time
  • Convert opportunities won to orders and invoices
  • Pass e-commerce orders/ account management data to the Salesforce customer service interface
  • Synchronize product catalog with financial applications
  • Connect your lead database to sales campaigns
  • Import invoice/ payment info from financials to provide visibility to sales

Boomi Salesforce Connector: Enterprise Integration Capabilities without the Complexity

Dell Boomi Salesforce Connector: Salesforce Enterprise | Boomi Application Connectors

  • Drag-and-drop workflow — no coding required
  • Support for simple to complex business logic
  • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
  • Pre-built connectors, and ability to build your own
  • Visual any-to-any data transformation
  • Industry-certified security model
  • Instantly deploy integrations between cloud applications and on-premises systems

Boomi Salesforce Connector: Native Cloud Platform

Dell Boomi Salesforce Connector: Native Cloud Platform | Boomi Application Connectors

  • On-demand access to the integration platform
  • No software or appliances to install or maintain
  • On-demand “per connection” pricing
  • Low maintenance solution with frequent releases & updates
  • On-demand zero-footprint deployment option
  • Full-featured, no-risk trial — on-demand

Get Connected with Influential and Dell Boomi

Influential’s UK Dell Boomi Integrate Solutions and Boomi Application Connectors recognise that your business is one of a kind.
Our Digital Transformation and Data Integration Consultancy teams treat each business as a unique proposition in need of a bespoke solution.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Influential has the expert knowledge to deliver outstanding results.

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